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ABS Anti Snap Lock

ABS Euro Anti Snap Cylinder Lock (Supply Only)

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The ABS euro cylinder lock is installed in police and council target hardening projects to effectively protect your home from burglaries by preventing forced entries using a lock snapping method. 10,000 ABS Diamond grade locks were fitted to vulnerable victims homes to stop burglars from continually breaking in via bumping standard euro cylinder locks

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Product Description

 ABS cylinder locks – also called Avocet Break Secure – are specifically designed to prevent common burglary techniques and tactics such as lock snapping, picking and bumping. These anti bump and anti snap locks are perfect for both commercial and residential properties for their dependability and security.

Why Chose Anti Snap Locks?

Lock Snapping used to be a common burglary method of breaking into commercial and residential buildings and properties before cylinder locks were created and available for sale and public fittings.

Armed with a hammer, screwdriver or a clamp, the burglar dismantles the door handle and exposes the lock. The lock now vulnerable, the burglar simply damages the lock and have access to your property. This can be done in under three minutes by a professional.

As of 2010 with developments in lock design and technology, Avocet Break Secure (ABS) cylinder locks have been developed to combat these techniques and tactics. The seamless and elegantly crafted design, reinforces the lock mechanism and makes the cylinder incredibly resistant to snapping.

Our ABS cylinder locks are high quality locks that meet the demands against criminal ingenuity and are the preferred lock of choice because of it.

Order your anti snap locks online today to be delivered to your home in the UK.

Local Fittings

As well as providing high quality anti snap locks, we can also provide you with complementary local lock fitting services, offering to install these locks ourselves around Sutton Coldfield and throughout the West Midlands. While the locks we sell can be self installed by our customers or done by another locksmith, our experienced and qualified locksmiths are recommended for fittings.



Q. Why are ABS locks the market leader?

A. Unlike cheaper imitations, our ABS anti-snap locks have the British Standards Institute’s maximum TS007 3 star rating and also satisfy the Sold Secure Diamond Standard, making them the most secure anti-snap lock on the market. ABS locks are also police approved and come with a high security key. The police have already installed around 10,000 ABS locks to vulnerable homes, resulting in a significant reduction in crime.

Q. How easy is it to install ABS locks?

A. The ABS lock is retro-fit, which means it can quickly replace any existing Euro Cylinder to immediately protect your home against lock snapping, and other known methods of attack.

Q. Do I require any additional security handles and guards to make my home more secure?

A. No! By installing an ABS anti-snap lock, you have already secured your door lock against forced entry. There is no need to buy any expensive security handles or guards in addition to your lock.

Q. How do ABS locks work?

A. The lock has two sacrificial sections which are deployed when the lock is forced, in order protect the rest of the fitting. Unlike others products, the ABS lock is able to block all access points to prevent entry when under attack. After an attempt at forced entry, the external part of the lock will become unable to be used, but the interior lock mechanism will be protected, so you can still lock and unlock your door from inside your home.

Q. My door bolt is the latest in security with lots of lock points, such as hooks, and a large deadbolt. Will it be secure?

Hooks and bolts all provide effective locking points, but your key lock is the most vulnerable part of your door. Unless your Euro Cylinder is snap secure, it will not provide adequate protection against forced entry, and only certified anti-snap locks will be able to offer you full security against intruders.

Q. My Euro Cylinder has a British Kitemark, will it be snap secure?

A. The British Kitemark Standard BS EN 1303: 2005 does not cover snap resistance. Only the BSI TS007 3 star accreditation has passed the required anti-snap tests.

Q. My Euro Cylinder has sacrificial sections, will that provide protection against forced entry?

 Only locks with anti-snap accreditation will be fully protected against lock-snapping. Other locks with sacrificial sections but without accreditation will slow down forced entry, but only by a few seconds. ABS locks satisfy both the BSI and the Sold Secure Diamond requirements, making them the most secure locks available.

 If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional Information


Chrome, Brass

Internal Size

30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm

External Size

30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm

Additional Keys

Standard (3), 1 EXTRA KEY £10.00, 2 EXTRA KEYS £20.00, 3 EXTRA KEYS £30.00, 4 EXTRA KEYS £40.00, 5 EXTRA KEYS £50.00, 6 EXTRA KEYS £60.00, 7 EXTRA KEYS £70.00, 8 EXTRA KEYS £80.00, 9 EXTRA KEYS £90.00, 10 EXTRA KEYS £100.00


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